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Life in the Green LaneJoe and Donna Mogensen were intrigued by the Sprout Grower's Dome. So much so, they became distributors of the domes. The Sprout Domes fit naturally in their 'go green' philosophy. Joe and Donna also own Go Green E-Cycles offering electric scooters and mobility scooters to the Niagara Region at two locations in St. Catharines and Welland.

Joe MogensenJoe and Donna's policies are simple, straightforward, and honest. They reflect our mission of introducing environmentally sound and healthy green products to the Niagara Region.



domeThe Sprout Growers's Dome
is the best sprout growing kitchen tool on the market. It's design allows for the perfect conditions for all kinds of seeds and beans to sprout and will give you years of fresh-sprouted vegetables for you and your family at minimal cost. Check out our parent site for more information.

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