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10 Reasons to Sprout
How to Sprout

trayOur SproutGrower’s Domes are designed to grow organic mung bean sprouts more quickly than any other sprouter ever designed. During the growth you can see through the clear dome exactly how much you have eaten and what is going on. Nothing is hidden. Clean pure water should be used. We recommend a Kangen Water Ionizer for the cleanest water available. The water should be changed at least twice a day. After the first 12 hours the water should be poured out. The beans should be rinsed (to rinse off the “afterbirth”) and the clean pure water replaced. After the next 12 hour period you should again replace the water. Some of our users have found that after the first 24 hours, rinsing is all that is necessary and no new water need be added at the bottom of the tray.

mung sproutsYou can start eating the baby sprouts after or during the second day.
Watch them. Taste them.
If they are crunchy and have roots, bon appetite!!

Caution: Ocassionally a bean will refuse to sprout.
Don’t blame the bean! Chew Carefully!!

Note: Like any Human child born, a baby sprout is no different in that it is given ALL nutrients to start life with. It is only after a few days of life that the genes take over and decide what nutrients will be discarded or kept to make the plant grow to be like the mother.


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